Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Day At A Time

OK, time for an update of some sort. I will be here at Alive Hospice for the time being. I will be saying goodbye to my condo. I have been lucky in my life to have done and had many of the things I wanted and I can say my condo and office was one of them. Even though home is now one room, there is never a dull moment around here. Those who know me best know that there are always a zillion things going on in my head to do besides keeping up with all the daily stuff around here.

One interest I have begun to cultivate in here is modern history…I am becoming a fan of the History Channel. I prefer the documentaries, but have started watching “Pawn Stars”as well. I didn’t think I would like that kind of show, but these guys are so smart about any kind of item that gets brought in to their shop…really amazing.

As always, thanks for the love and support…stay tuned

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Bright The Sun Shined

They came from the West, the East side, from across the river to a place that in the past year became a second home to me…Kingston Springs, TN. The Fillin’ Station so generously opened its doors and heart to so many friends who wanted to say hello and play their music. There were so many very special, God-ordained moments that it’s impossible to name them all…everything from people who may not have known me who donated, bought something, showed up or posted on Facebook.

Here is one such God moment. My transport van to the Fillin Station was donated. The very special gentleman who drove it had done ministry on Music Row, was a songwriter himself but was away from it for awhile. As Rene and I talked to him each way, it was clear it was no accident that he was supposed to be with us. He joined us for the whole event, even remade some contacts, and it all turned out to be a true blessing for him to be there as it was for us.

Besides all of the personal love I felt from so many, the most satisfying thing for me is to know this message of encouragement I’ve been preaching for years has worked. And I must say, worked here in Nashville (and beyond). How blessed can you be to go listen to new writers, give some attention and a smile, and know it really means something?

Immeasurably, as I found out.

God bless you all who had anything to do with this day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Better To Have and Not Need

When I moved to St. Paul in 1989, my first apartment was a renovated hotel room, much smaller than where I am now at Alive Hospice. It had two hot plates, a bed, a night stand and a table, and a TV that didn’t work half the time. But I was thrilled because it was my first place on my own. I was there for about six months until I found a better job and a bigger place. Then came the year long shipments of “care packages” and things from home sent by my dad.

Over the years in MN, I bounced back and forth from living in apartments and owning a home. When I arrived in Nashville, I first moved into an apartment, then
my own condo with finally an office space…which is where I’ve been until all this happened. Now I am back full circle in a smaller room here with only a fraction of my stuff. I spend a lot of time rotating things from table to table on each side of me as I need them.

Surprisingly though, one of the things I am realizing on this part of the journey is how many things really were true necessities and how much else you can make do with what you have or with reasonable substitutes. It makes you wonder how much of the life clutter you would really miss if you had to, and to what you could say “been there, did that” to if you needed to. I’m finding that out right now, and realizing that all the letting go isn’t a bad thing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another update

Thought I’d try to give an update….I am in good spirits, feeling reasonably well and the positives we are focusing on are hanging in well. Again, I am completely blown away by the support of all kinds of folks and for those who have been willing to take part in a benefit for me. I will see you all for as much as I can on the 13th (medication schedule permitting}.

Despite their humility, my angels remain my angels. I want to thank TJ for his thoughts on the show last week. Would I have done the same? Without a moment’s hesitation. God took our partnership along with Rene and made it bigger than a radio show. By the way, we are still trying to get the phones patched in on a Saturday so TJ can bring me on for a moment—stay tuned.

I must say I did not miss my work commute here in Nashville as I saw folks abandoning their cars in the snow along my work route.

Continuing to praise God for continued healing.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

At last...more on the journey

First, please excuse any and all typos. The shift, caps lock and enter keys are still confused.

I am, after all, happy to be online right now.

It has been quite a whirlwind since about 1-24-11 when life turned upside down in one evening at St.Thomas Hospital. I went from dragging my painful,swollen legs to the radio station to TJ and Rene taking me off to the ER. Tests were run and I was pronounced with advanced breast cancer. After a couple of days in the hospital, I was sent home with pain meds and plans to have some home health care complete with hospital bed and all.

but then, another day, more decisions and the next I knew I was in an ambulance being whisked off to Alive Hospital downtown where I was told I would be getting the kind of care I really need now. Life has been a bit uprooted and uncertain. No more working (though that job would have ended at month end anyhow) and no driving on pain pills.

Now on to the blessings.

The incredible outpouring of love and support from friends, church, music people, Facebook friends by way of calls, visits, cards, gifts, concerts(yes, in –room). All including a benefit show in Kingston Springs with about 25 acts playing. Go to my Facebook page for info on that.

The angels who have been in my life through it all: TJ and Rene Kirby first and foremost. Kimberly, Cathy and Jack, Sharon and the rest of you who know who you are.

The magnificent women and men of Alive Hospice. These are not glamour jobs. But these people are American heroes.

Now to address a comment or two. I do not accept man’s opinion of how much time I might have—only God decides that. I heard there was a comment of me having “limited days” left. That is NOT true –my vitals are very good right now and I feel pretty good overall. As for the radio show—TJ’s not about to let me go without a fight!

As long I am able to (health and tech wise) I will be blogging this journey. So stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unfortunantely--me too

My fuzzy brain is slow right now so sorry for typos. I went to St. Thomas Hospital due to my friends and their worried insistance over my swollen legs SaTurday night. Well, the doctors did their their numerous tests and found advanced cancer starting from my breast. Please know I am at peace with this. I am getting much help from friends and others from this. So I join that other large group of groups: cancer patients. Please do not be sad--the last thing I want is negativity or doom. The main thing is positivity.

More news later--I love you all!--Wendy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where Have I Been This Year?

I realized it's been a year since I wrote anything in this blog. I guess for the most part I've been too busy to ponder. Anyhow, I've always done some year-end recap around the holidays, so here's what's been happening for me this year.

At the end of last year I stepped down from my "Never Too Old" radio show and joined T.J. Kirby as a sidekick on "T.J. and Company". It's been quite the experience. T.J. has always been a radio mentor to me, so I have learned a lot in the process...most of all that a supporting role is what I am most comfortable with. In addition to being on air, I also do the "administrivia" for the show. I created and maintain our website ( ), I write our show blog and make sure guests and stations get MP3s of our show. Yes, we are syndicated as well with at this writing six stations that also broadcast our show...we like to call it the "see ya on the radio network." We've had some great guests on our show, ranging from music legends such as Lenny Welch, Beverly Bremers and Alan O'Day, to some up and coming talent such as Runaway Home, Calico Trail, Brittany Allyn and many others. Another exciting thing that happened for us this year is being nominated in two categories for the 2010 Nashville AIR awards. There is more to come in the next year, so stay tuned.

In March, I got back to work long-term. An agency out of North Carolina somehow got hold of my resume and offered me a temporary position in the Brentwood area. It was supposed to be for a few months, but here I am coming up on a year. My position will be up in February and then it will be time to look for work again.

I thought turning 55 was going to be positive, with maybe even some senior discounts out there. But around this time, I began going through something that had pretty much eluded me: health problems. I started having leg and hip pain and began to limp. After waiting a while to see if this would just go away just like every other health problem I had did, I recently bit the bullet and went to a chiropractor. I found out that my spine had rotated a little and it put my right hip out of alignment. So we are at the beginning right now of attacking this problem. Chronic pain is not fun. It's been the worst ordeal I've been through. It's forced me to put every ounce of energy to get through my job each day and curtail my trips to writer's nights. So that is why you haven't seen much of me, my songwriter friends. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. But I'll be back.

So that's my year. I hope you had a good one. Here's to you in 2011.